We were selected as 2014 Feast Fellows!


On October 11th the Say No More team had the opportunity to lead a feedback session called “Gaming for Social Good”. Using our game prototype, we played with two groups made up of leading technologists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators at The Feast. Attendees had the opportunity to role-play in the mindset of 12-13 year old girls and social workers who help to assess their verbal and non-verbal cues. We looked at what makes a game good and explored various game mechanics and their functions; we asked them what works? And what could be improved on?


And when we weren’t working and running the workshop?  We had fun listening to inspiring speakers, dancing and meeting other incredible people in this field. The Feast is a creative conference like no other.

All of the feedback we receive from play-testing sessions from now until December, will be integrated into our final game that we aim to distribute by March 2015.

Thank you to all the talented Feast Attendees who came to play!



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