Guess what??!!

Say No More game won the 2014 Sappi’s Ideas That Matter grant!!!

We feel truly blessed and fortunate to be able to move forward with our game. Sappi awarded us a $20,000 grant to create 500+ copies of our game and distribute to middle schools around New York City. This is super exciting!
With our sponsor & supporter ECPAT USA, we are looking at 6 more months of intense prototyping, gathering ideas to polish our game for the better, and by March 2015, we hope to have final Say No More games ready to be shipped.

Are you excited? SO ARE WE!
More updates are coming, stay tuned!!
(Meanwhile… please enjoy these scrumptious cupcake photos that Sappi had sent us! Delivered from Washington D.C to our New York City studio on the day of grant winners announcement. Yum!)

IMG_3148  IMG_3155


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