What is the #1 method of recruitment  traffickers use to lure young girls?

The pursuit of a romantic relationship.

Traffickers are known to play on the emotions of young girls. According to the Polaris Project, 51.42% of traffickers use romantic interests, posing as a significant other and preying on vulnerable girls looking to be loved.

The average girl lured into sex trafficking in the US is 1­2-17. She’s often never had a boyfriend but is excited about the promise of love and romance. As for most of us, when you’re starting to flirt or getting to know someone it’s pretty normal to use your cell phone. The problem is that pimps are also using cell phones to lure young girls into sex trafficking. We need to use the same tools to reach girls more effectively.

Say No More App.(Pitch Final)_Page_6

Not knowing how to code, I signed up for Protohack on Saturday November 15th, a fun “ideathon” that lets designers and entrepreneurs explore visual concepts and business ventures. After creating a card game, we wanted to explore a digital version of Say No More so girls could be reached on their own, when using their cell phones. We wanted to create a tool that could be placed into every girls pocket.  Protohack offered us  a great place to start with a fresh prototype for Say No More App and meet new friends with similar interests in New York.

Say No More App.(Pitch Final)_Page_7

We spent 12 hours prototyping the Say No More app to create a tool girls can continue to play and support each other outside of school. After over 40 total pitches,  and a 90 second pitch limit, we were called up to the judges Say No More app! We made it into the final three runners up and were given third place prize! We couldn’t have been more thrilled to receive coding and financial help to reach more girls and consultations to achieve our dreams of empowering them to learn to Say No More.

Stay tuned as we begin to build out this new and exciting tool for every girls pocket.





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